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The American Congress Approved the Health Care Bill

March 22, 2010

Beginning with J.F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt and ending with President Obama. Finally, after years of negotiations inside the congress, the lawmakers approved the Health Care Bill recommended by President Obama with 219 VS 212 votes. It’s a big achievement not only for Democrats but for all the Americans because it is the third achievement that affect Americans life after the Social Security and Medcare. Congratulations America!

By the way, when I was watching the debate, I recognized that there is an American version of Meslem Albarrak! Take a look at this video:

Boehner’s fiery plea to house


Drift away

January 18, 2010

“She gave me an early wisdom and the seed of spirit that I may not have come to on my own” ..

Miss you!

Wonderful book for sisters!

My sister gave me her fav. book

“You were always Mom’s Favorite!”

I am about half way through it and am truly enjoying it.


For sisters only ;p