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Celebrate your differences!

April 7, 2009

Ten days in Europe, It’s been great !

In the lights of the Champs Élysées, I saw a little girl had a great conversation with her mother with love and respect.
For some reason after hearing that I came up for an idea to write about ..

قال سقراط لشاب دائم الصمت

“تكلم حتى أراك”

نعلن عن عقولنا الوطنية المبدعة بالرأي الذي نطرحه، و نبحر بالفكر الذي نحمله و نرقص على انغام الموهبة التي نملكها

“The beauty of differences amongst us”

Despite this rather obvious wisdom, still there are others who seem to just can’t understand what the word respect means, particularly, respect on individual opinions and beliefs. Respecting other people’s opinion does mean that you have to be amenable to everything that they say. We value other people’s opinion because we believe that what they say may influence the birth of a new knowledge, a new perspective, a new intellectual paradigm. But bashing other people just because their opinions differ from you is an outright display of selfishness and immaturity. There is just an absolutely slight tolerance to differences on virtually about anything. Let’s face it, the world was not created to just a single creature. It’s ours and we were created differently. Otherwise, you may live in an environment where everybody laughs at the same time!


اللي يحب الجمال

محمد عبد الوهاب

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