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Le Tub

August 8, 2010

After hearing everyone from Oprah to GQ Magazines about the place, we decided to visit a small restaurant in Hollywood/Hallandale, Florida that got a lot of national attention for its good.

Le Tub

They have a menu with a variety of items that look good but as what they say, you have to go for the burgers on your first visit. and it definitely one of the best and largest burgers I have seen in my entire life! and its worth the wait though ;p

Le tub gets its name from all the bath tubs around the place. the waterview on the inter-coastal is very relaxing and very rustic with wooden benches. Personally, I loved the place!

Don’t go when it’s raining!

And don’t forget to bring cash, you’re going to need it! ;p

Le Tub

100 N Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019
(954) 921-9425

Over the Rainbow
Melody Gardot

The perfect way to say Good Morning !

June 16, 2008

The best cinnamon walnut coffee cake EVER !

Yesterday i received a package from my sister, and i was wondering what it could be!


My sister asked her friend to buy one specially for me :$

I had my dreamy morning.. My Espresso and coffee cake !

Never expect ! Thanks Yushi ! Love you ! ;p

for more info :


June 7, 2008

Are you tired of being where you are?

Just think of the infinite variety of places that exit, near or far, at this moment..


I have been there last year. Obviously i have to admit that there food is amazing ! the exterior and interior of this place is too cosy ! which gives you the feeling you are in Italy ! you should try this :


Classic Dark Chocolate

Served with Strawberries

Apples, Bananas, Pears, Pineapple, Biscotti

So Yumii ! ;p

Whenever you reach Chicago you should try it.

For more info: Ristorante Quartino