January 29, 2010

Since Leaving my previous phase, I’ve been thinking of my next one. Literally, I’ve decided to live my own life fatally from now on and eventually be fluctuated to the next one.

I am a believer that “whenever the right time comes, that’s where you will find the best answers.”

And Precisely that’s applied to our political issues here. What a relief it will be to live to the next decade?

We all know by now that despite massive accomplishments and a lot of highly people knowledge in some instances didn’t yield all the benefits it could. Most of us, as individuals, succeeded in capturing our situation now and we almost aware that this is not going to end any time soon. But what if each one of us worked hard in the field that he’s really good at? Unfortunately, Most of Kuwaitis talk about politics even if they don’t know any single clue about it. Not all Kuwaitis are political leaders or entrepreneurs! Every week I receive a new email about a new opening business in cupcakes, deserts or so. Is this all we have? I can’t imagine that they run out of creativity!

In these circumstances, the last thing Kuwait needs is a knowledge and cultural scheme focusing on capturing knowledge that already exists. I want to be the one who invest time and effort to contribute existing knowledge with the vague and long term promise. Hopefully, what we need are new approaches to create knowledge, ones that innovate and create new value.

ليلى مراد و محمد فوزي

في حاجة شغلاك

من فيلم

ورد الغرام



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