Celebrating my 1st blog birthday !

May 3, 2009

Yesterday was windowless birthday!

I have been doing this (blogging thing) for just on a year now, so happy birthday to my blog!

In the past year I’ve made 43 posts, covering 18 categories and have had around about 2,091 hits!

A couple of thanks – to the people that read my blog, and secondly to the wider blogging community. The reason I started this blog thinking that I would try to share a little knowledge back to the community that I got so much from.  So I like to think that I have done that pretty well in the last year, and since I get such a buzz, I’m looking forward to plenty more of it! ;p

Thanks again for reading people!



  1. Happy Bday!

    Keep on posting… : )

  2. congrats!!

  3. Thanks my friends 😀

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