January 16, 2009

We’re entering an age of more open and honest communications through BLOGS.

” Blogs change everything! “

The blogosphere

Blogsphere is the universe of blogs. Where you can find whatever you want, Whether it’s a political scandal, get most up to date news and, in turn, to post their daily. Always on!

“ Before blogging became popular, digital communities took many forms, including Usenet, Genie, etc. Early blogs were simply manually websites. An entry on September 28, 1993 in Netscape’s “ what’s new “ noted: Stanford University now has a home page. In 1993, Dr. Glen Barry invented blogging, defined as web based commentary, linking to other articles. The “Forest Protection Blog” at http://forests.org/blog/ was also the first political blog, as Dr. Barry campaigned there for forest protection and documented these efforts as his Ph.D. The blog initially used the gopher protocol, and has been on the web continuously since Jan. 1995, making it the web’s first and longest continuously running blog. In summer 2004, Democrat Howard Dean’s ‘BlogForAmerica.com’ was the first-ever official blog for presidential candidate. In January 2005, Fortune magazine listed eight bloggers that business people “could not ignore”: Peter Rojas, Xeni Jardin, Ben Trott, Mena Trott, Jonathan Schwartz, Jason Goldman, Robert Scoble, and Jason Calacanis. By 2005, 7% of US internet users had created a blog, that were beginning to fulfill the promise of the web as participatory phenomenon ” see also Wikipedia

” Real people don’t blog “


So many blogs, So little time. The blogging phenomenon has reached critical mass!
Picture what you might use it for.
I don’t consider myself a professional blogger. I’m a kid on the blog, having started in May of last year. I don’t even consider myself in the same as many bloggers who have been doing this for years. But I believe that I do have my own unique experience to share with you.

On a more personal level, if you start reading a dozen or so blogs either personally or professionally you will notice something that have been meaning to write about for quite some time: blog etiquette.

Blog Etiquette

Can you write well enough?
What will you write about?
What if you don’t understand blogging etiquette?

” Dance like nobody’s watching! “

– Posting should be fun. If you are doing this for reasons other than personal satisfaction then why bother?

– Getting noticed. You have to give some love to get some love. Always link! Every now and then, I will post links to some of the blogs, that would help to        spread LOVE! I love it! Hehehe ;p

– Messiness is key. I don’t mean that your writing should be mess. I mean that you have to let go.

– Don’t attack people with negative anonymous comments.

– Confidence is sexy. Am I right? ;p

– Break rules.

All of the above sounds great ha? ;p There is no official blog etiquette, however there are some unwritten rules that the blog community use.  The important thing to remember is that each blog is the personal space of the individual and each blog will live by a certain set of morals and behaviors so laying down a definitive etiquette will never be possible.

“ Write from the heart ”

Anyways, I found more links about blog etiquette. Thanks Mud puppy and Rock In My Dryer.

What do you think? What is the right blogiquette?

I welcome comments and feedback since that is the magic of blogging.


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