September 23, 2008

I’m leaving next week for a month at the beach ;p. The blog will be idle though; I might be little slow but i will do my best to keep up. So I wish you Happy Eid, All the best to you and your family.


Writing is not an intellectual activity. it is first of all, manual exercise. pre-eminently so, perhaps, one’s thoughts, and the supposed or imagined communications one inscribes on the paper are arguably far less important and of less interest than the attention required to form letters beautifully, tracing their contour precisely and aesthetically. As usual, something banal to begin with. The only thing that changes it is the act of attention. Quarry the instant; delve into what happens during the moment otherwise apparently without interest. Bore into an action or feeling.

Go down as far as you can, it definitely does alter our attitude towards life, our way of considering it. We taste unknown mentality more interrogatively and quizzically, and having found nothing worthwhile, encountering simply a dead end or an impasse. But at other times, a turning in an underground tunnel suddenly gives a vast and somber grotto spreading out below the surface.

At the heart of this flowing script carried forward by its own momentum. it has nothing to do with what the words mean, To offer the greatest sense of gratitude for Bad-Ran‘s post.

One day, you will take this object in your hand and cling to it as to the only thing that still holds together and prevents you from going under completely. Who knows?


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