Love, to write ”part Two”

September 19, 2008

There is an absolute meaning to the word Love? Love is actually the choice one makes to put someone’s wishes, desires and needs above our own.
What people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally; to be accepted for who we are.

Spiritual degradation

During a period of financial turmoil, Viva bad Ad, Abolition of Al-Waalan and Al-Ajmy, and end up with Why Is Everyone So Mean These Days?

Must admit that people have moved to excessive materialism away from spirituality Even in the way of love !
As a word, People turned to be deep-seated opportunism. By example of pointless, Condition marriage from the beginning.
‘’I know you men will love me on this one ;p’’
Let me put it some other way: If your interest is not in the other person as such, but rather in how that person can enhance your experience of life, then it is not unconditional!. People who truly love look forward to their relationship growing more meaningful and precious and treat their mates with trust. They have hope. Which is an attitude that happily anticipates the good. We have our way girls to let the other party ego knows how to end up with what we want without forcing them from the beginning! ;p.

Awakening and demonstrate love by giving it unconditionally

Don’t make your ability to love conditional. Don’t place your faith in the conditions that surround love or in the form in which it presents itself. For these are impermanent and subject to the vicissitudes of every day life.

People will come and go in your life. Some people will treat you well. Others will treat you unkindly. If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have.

Think how lucky you are to have someone to love ! ”smile”


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