Love, to write!

September 11, 2008

Its been awhile !
Happy Ramadan, May Allah, the almighty, shower you and your family with his grace and bounties.

During the previous days, I was preoccupied with many events. What is striking here that why we must make due congratulations? Does each of us have the freedom of expression? Or we lose freedom of choice as imposed a kind Minister decision to ban the arts and music classes in Ramadan? , Is her decision came after the repercussions of Baqir Secrets?

Freedom of expression of Love

In philosophy, freedom often ties in with the question of free will. The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau asserted that the condition of freedom was inherent to humanity, an inevitable facet of the possession of a soul and sapience.

Love, to Live
Love, to learn
Love, to Write

โ€œLove unconditionally without attaching stipulationsโ€ pops up everywhere, in loneliness and intimacy, the idea has lots of appeal.

As a word, Love takes no hostages. It makes no bargains. It is not compromised by fear. Indeed, where love is present, fear with its entire myriad. Why is this?

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Love with strings attached, as if Governance to love before trial.

If a love that seems unlimited is desired, then find the source and conform to the provision. Living life passionately is the option granted.

Are you striving to love conditionally or unconditionally and expect nothing in return? and why?

To be continued !

P.S : I didnโ€™t want to say what I think so I don’t influence you. waiting for your comments! ;p


  1. In my opinion, I strive the unconditionally love.
    Because the sweetness of love is to feel free to adore , tender and care without expecting anything from the other person .
    I think love is a feelness coming from you heart not your mind by putting some conditions in advance.

    Thanks alot M for the question . It’s really nice :D.

  2. Hi M,
    It’s really a good question!
    I think conditionally love is better to build a new relationship. Bacause I prefer being ” Honest” in the begening of the relationship , instead of building mountains of hopes.

  3. well from my point of view ,i would go with unconditionally love wether if its in relation ships or anything else . i believe when you love without borders and let things come out spontaneously without any conditions it will make your life full of surprises and let you live the moment .. and let faith and time decide wether those surprises good or bad ;D !

  4. Thanks for your comments guys
    I will say what i think in my next post ๐Ÿ˜‰

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