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Turn the Pyramid !

August 21, 2008

It was the season of hope, we had everything – and in the same time – nothing before us. In short, after the election, I was fearful far in advance.

Most Kuwaitis, depression debate for parliament and government too.
I have to wonder who those are that happy with this parliament acts. Must live in a vacuum!
The only puzzle is why it has taken the public so long to see what an unbelievable mess we are in!

Market is moving downward; Possibility of war against Iran, Parliament shattered disappointing i.e. Curbing freedom, Islamization of laws, Prevention curriculum philosophy, Restrictions on freedom of non-profit organizations, and Government’s efforts to discrimination. It really creates a general sense of disappointment.

For entry details, the main issue is Political frustration. My question to the members of Parliament:
What is religion doing in politics?
The role of religion in politics and the role of politics in religion in this country has never deserved more attention and merited more intense examination than now And it is time for all of us to examine closely, both in our communities or our parliament, just what separation of religion and law really means to us and to the nation.

Prevention Curriculum Philosophy
The goal of philosophy is not leading to dead end; it’s the bases of all human knowledge with a spirit of debate.
Through some researches I found that books on philosophy in the schools of Kuwait are far from compromising own divine.
So why would they do that?
Attempts of preventing philosophy not rational, their main aim is reactionary and suppress freedoms.

In Education
We cannot neglect bad level in the field of education however, the minister kindly to seek their cooperation plus I have faith in the capabilities of Kuwaiti teachers cause they are more concerned for the future of the new generation. Although the Pressure to bear the burdens of the Ministry of Education tirelessly, the life education curriculum in some schools without teachers! Therefore we must encourage them to reach the top.
Teachers Association must have a big role in encourage teachers to deliver.

Islamization of Law
It’s a new term that has nothing to do with our laws!
Article II of the Constitution stipulates that “Islamic Sharia the main source of legislation”. And the first article of the Civil Code shows that Islamic jurisprudence of the main sources used by the judge in the absence of legislative text.
What we need here is not the Islamization of laws, but the Revision of Laws. Let they start choosing amendments that aim to renaissance country, Not differentiate through the Islamic penal code and The Commission negative phenomena.

Special thanks to A

Depression is the most common reaction among smart people to bad times.

We all know that Media have a big role in this frustration. Trying to focus on the Islamic parliament members, which represent two thirds of the members. Although the rest might be few but they are unaware of what they say. The Parliament Acts (the majority) have been used to pass legislation against the wishes of the nation that they claimed would help Kuwaitis. I am pleased that there are some attempt to take action against their legislation.
Turn the Pyramid

Hope always grows in moments of cruelty and sense of refraction.
It sounds Theoretical, but in reality its not!

Young people are likely to be a key force in the next election, but what is it that influences them?

If the Liberal Democrats came to power it would be fairly good, but it is never going to be practical if they didn’t take step towards the existing political conflict and seek to a future political candidates and chart future policies…therefore it would be a wasted vote.

Now it’s time to wake up. As we experiment with information, which feeds our minds, we find out what really nourishes us and what only makes us high for a second. It’s easy to get high; a lot harder to get straight.
We should be more upbeat mood, because we have the creative energies of youth and imaginative that can change the reality!

Who wouldn’t want to have faith in the future? And if so, why not build it?


August 16, 2008

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August 9, 2008

Lately, I have been very lazy to post or to do so.
But today, I felt like writing a messy post in special date! ;p

Starting with Beijing!

I had the chance to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games it was amazing! Specially this part:
“Eight minutes past eight on the evening of 8 August, 2008 reflecting the belief widespread in Asia that eight is a lucky number”
I won’t talk about the 42 Kuwaiti management representatives or Women’s Participation but I wish you the best of luck. I loved the loud cheers when Iraq came and Federer too!

Take your journey

Since I have been away for a while now, I tried to spend some time with my family and have some readings too.
Over the past months, I have been looking for new books to read, so I bought some books on Amazon and start reading them. Reading books is generally regarded as being a relaxing pastime, while at the same time requiring the brain to process text.

The Ano Santo Compostelano

A holy year in Spain Which occurs whenever the day of St James of Compostela, 25 July, Falls on a Sunday. A special door to the Cathedral in Santiago stands open for 365 days, and according to tradition, anyone who goes through that door receives a series of special blessings.

At some point, I use my current curiosity by googling some interesting part of the book I read. And by knowing me very well, you will notice that I love historical things i.e. Music, Culture, Architecture.

Not in a good mood

I realize that I become the kind of boring person no one wants to be around!
I decide from now on to suffer in silence, since that I don’t know why am in such a bad mood!
Philosophers say that Dealing with constant change and pressure is part of the answer.
Although we’ve all heard the expression a million times, life really is too short to sweat the small stuff.
I find out that it was all about Exercise!
Exercise has a way of making you feel energized quickly. I will start workout again and having some yoga classes.

Don’t let bad mood ruin your day!