True Gentleman !

July 13, 2008

I just come back from a short trip it was amazing !
The most thing attract me when I was there, the idea of being gentleman. Why it doesn’t exit here in Kuwait?

To be a gentleman these days doesn’t necessarily mean ruining your coat ! What it means is viewing people as the valuable human beings they are. It means treating people with respect.

Since there is certain things that every man should know how to do, however, some men find it difficult to behave assertively, they are either too timid or way too aggressive. My goal for you is to project a confident self-image.

Here are great etiquette tips that will label you as a “true gentleman”

Opening the door. Whether it’s a car door, a restaurant door, or the door to a classroom, if you get there first, hold it open for the person behind you. And when they say, “Thanks,” reply, “you’re welcome.”

Be sure to allow your female partner to be seated first.
You can control this situation by pulling out a chair for her and seating yourself afterwards. For those of you who dare to be really chivalrous ! it is common practice to stand when a woman gets up to leave the table.

Eye contact is the most important skill that an assertive and confident man can possess to provide as much attention as possible. They should feel that they are the only person in the room.

Get up to greet. When you’re being introduced to someone, or when you first meet it’s polite to stand up.

Carry the load. Anytime someone is carrying something heavy or awkward, you should ask if you could help. They’ll almost always take you up on it.

Listen more than you speak. Don’t interrupt, or be the kind of person who’s always trying to turn a conversation back to himself. Listen first, then wait for the other person to finish talking before jumping in.

Say “please” and “thank you” as often as possible. Let your conversation be always full of grace.

For further info. I recommend this book for you :p

A Gentleman’s Guide to Etiquette



  1. im glad to say that i know more than a few gentle men

  2. Glad to hear that eshda3wa ;p

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