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Thanks Al-Duaaj !

June 22, 2008

Summer Summer Summer !

Everyone Morning, I start my day with Coffee and reading the newspaper (Alqabas) ;p

My Favorite Author is Abdullatef AlDuaaj. Yesterday he start to use a fixed title and i love it ! .

I love the way he discuss and write about politics such as The new parliament.

Today, He talked about the principle of democracy and freedoms.

22/06/2008 بقلم: عبداللطيف الدعيج

«يحظر على الكونغرس اصدار قانون لفرض او منع دين من الاديان او الحد من حرية القول او الصحافة او من حق الناس في الاجتماع او مطالبتهم للحكومة بالانصاف»، دستور الولايات المتحدة ــ وثيقة الحقوق ــ التعديل ال

Thanks Al-Duaaj 😉


Welcome Sun !

June 18, 2008

Welcome Sun !

08:35 I am so excited that i can have some plans for today but first i have some stuff to do within this lovely morning.

09:28 Having my Morning Coffee ;p

10:00 am having my breakfast now

10:03 Reading a valuable book ( i love reading in the early morning )

10:05 Enjoy the rest of your day !


The perfect way to say Good Morning !

June 16, 2008

The best cinnamon walnut coffee cake EVER !

Yesterday i received a package from my sister, and i was wondering what it could be!


My sister asked her friend to buy one specially for me :$

I had my dreamy morning.. My Espresso and coffee cake !

Never expect ! Thanks Yushi ! Love you ! ;p

for more info :


June 11, 2008

I have nothing to post today, although am thinking of random thoughts such as this:

I want to apply for a job and am looking for a good companies in asset management field.

Am waiting for your recommendations ;p


Try not to think !

June 9, 2008


Why is not thinking impossible?

The experience of it would drive us between silence and words, presence and absence, being and non being.

The most effective way in letting your thoughts flow by, don’t stop them but don’t hold on them and let your eyes open on what is in front of you

Colors, light, breath..

This is an experiment which takes us to the tiny moment of awareness which invent things to do, to say, to dream, to sleep and playing on the level of objects.

” Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language ”

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Go Federer !

June 7, 2008

I have the honor to present M as one of the Tennis fans ;p
Yesterday I was watching both games

Nadal Vs. Djokovic

Federer Vs. Monfils

It wasn’t vintage stuff from Federer, but he did enough against a gutsy Monfils, Federer now must try to find a way to beat Nadal. However, he will know he will need to play better than he did against Monfils.

Goo Federer ! ;p



June 7, 2008

Are you tired of being where you are?

Just think of the infinite variety of places that exit, near or far, at this moment..


I have been there last year. Obviously i have to admit that there food is amazing ! the exterior and interior of this place is too cosy ! which gives you the feeling you are in Italy ! you should try this :


Classic Dark Chocolate

Served with Strawberries

Apples, Bananas, Pears, Pineapple, Biscotti

So Yumii ! ;p

Whenever you reach Chicago you should try it.

For more info: Ristorante Quartino