Am in Love

May 30, 2008

What would you do if someone have got a crush on you?

Love is the most valuable commodity in the world. We all need love just like a fish needs water.
Without love, life would not be worth living. With love in our lives, we are empowered beyond belief. Without love in our lives we will shrivel up and die a slow, painful and lonely death.
Love is the very essence and core of our being. It is the energy that sustains who and what we are. Everyone in life has a deep-rooted desire to love and be loved.

Love is a spiritual form of energy that can be given or received in physical, emotional, or mental forms. Love usually starts in our thoughts, then spreads to the physical world through our actions, and then it will produce the emotional feelings.

Sometimes when a young man tells the woman of his dreams, I love you, He’s the one that may feel all excited over her, but in reality he may want her because of her physical appearance, or because of her mentality or her ability to make him feel good or important.

When someone loves you, the way he says your name is Different, The way he looks at you is Different. What would you do if you know someone loves you?

To be continued!



  1. Depends really ..

    Is he a total stranger .. or would he be someone I see almost daily, would he be a close friend, so it first depends on the person and how much I think I like him.

    I would prefer someone I know and trust. But if it was a stranger .. I would just be happy, I wouldn’t do anything about it ..

  2. The Toothfairy you are totally right ;p
    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
    Is to love and be loved in return but not a stranger ;p

  3. love is a bond between two people ..so i cant love some one just knowing he loved me or have a crush on me ! that would be love from one side ..!!

    i believe loves comes out slowly by time with some one you know ..you love to talk to ..and feel happy when hes around..we have to click so i can love him back
    and some how you know its right !! at this point i might accept him with a Wide open heart 😛 !!

  4. NooNi you made my day ;p

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