The Minority

May 18, 2008

Yesterday i didn’t sleep well, i woke up at 5am till 6am TODAY! (25hrs awake :p) can you imagine how crazy i am ! ;p

My condolences to Kuwait for both baba Sa’ad and Election results. And as a result of reading the electoral results, we represent the rights of the minority in Kuwait !! 😦

I have to admit that i really happy that Tahalof in district 2 and Saleh almulla in district 3 out there. Its too bad we didn’t see any women here, but worth to mention that Dr. Aseel formed strong competitor in district 3. In the other hand, i don’t think that the life of new Parliament wont be more than two years.

ما أكثر القيود التي تربط الإنسان بالدنيا.. أعظمها قيد الأمل


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